Workshops for Organizations

“The Cocktail” – An addictive combination of the World of theatre and the world of marketing

“This will be the most productive sales training you’ll ever engage.
Theories of all the other sales methodologies are interesting, but Idit shows your team how to connect with any kind of personality type so that these messages will be heard.
I recommend using Idit to work with your sales team”

Elizabeth Macdonald, Virtualization & Infrastructure Software Sales at Dell Software

go“Liberate & Conquer” Workshop

Theory is all very well – but what really counts is what happens in reality

A Four-hour practical and interactive workshop

  • Discovering the significant elements in creating the “Wow Effect” in every meeting
  • Practical exercises and sampling the most innovative techniques for getting the message across
  • A tool box for producing winning, flowing and original presentations and self-presentations

What Else Do We Get?

  • “The Four Elements”  – a practical and amusing exercise, which creates a different kind of connection between the participants and also exposes them to the most advanced tools for creating prosperous communications with people they meet on a professional basis.
  • “The Redhead Technique” A taste of the one-time combination Idit created between innovative techniques from the acting world and precise skills from the world of marketing, and through which her clients significantly upgrade the manner in which they convey messages.
  • Lively and energetic facilitation, by Idit Neuderfer, a business presence empowerment consultant, and a well known professional actress on prime-time Israeli telvision series .

“Idit’s ‘Red Head Technique’ is something all business professionals can use in one way or another, for sales calls, presentations, or just in your everyday life. She personally helped me develop my skills and strategize how I could improve going forward. I would absolutely recommend a workshop with Idit”

Scott Holt, Account Manager at Lookout

brushBecoming A Master of Presentation

The age of banal, boring and dull presentations is over, now is the time to discover the “Secret Code” that will open the door for you and send you soaring.

Sixteen hours (four meetings) of a sensory stimulating experience.

  • Acquire the stars’ techniques
  • Upgrade your presence with the “Secret Code”
  • Conquer every presentation, conference or sales meeting

What do you get in this Workshop?

  • Learn how to “blow them away”  with the techniques used by the big stars in Hollywood and in the business world, we shall learn how to create a presence, ooze charisma and show self confidence in every situation.
  • Learn how to overcome stage fright. No more stuttering, shaky hands and sweat-stained shirts; accurate techniques enabling you to relax into the presentation or lecture, even if the exposure makes you feel stressed.
  •   “The Red Head Technique” – the age of banal, boring and dull presentations is over, now is the time to discover the “Secret Code” which will open the door and send you soaring.
  • Sharpening the knife – identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, while facing a real audience; this is where you will have gain life experience through reality games, standing in front of a camera and receiving a professional critique, turning you into the spokesperson you always wanted to be.

Do you want the very Best?

In order to provide you with the best and most accurate workshop, we shall hold a face to face or telephone meeting with a representative of the prospective participants.

Please prepare the relevant material in advance according to subject matter:

  • What is the workshop’s objective?
  • Who are the participants – range of ages, area of occupation etc.?
  • How many times a year do they give presentations?
  • What are the main difficulties they run into in facing an audience/ clients?

Who Needs it?

Directors, team managers, sales people, marketing people, and anyone, who as part of their job has to talk to an audience, persuade and recruit them face to face or over the phone.