Who is Idit Neuderfer

Idit Neuderfer

By the age of 18, Idit  starred in a campaign as the spokesmodel for “Hamashbir Lazarchan” a leading Israeli Department store, with Yuval Segal. Since then, she has stared in leading Israeli, prime-time television  series which were wildly popular. In addition, Idit as participated in the Beit Lessin Theatre hit “The Rain Man”, with Lior Ashkenazi and Sason Gabai.

After completing her studies at Nisan Nativ, a leading Israeli acting school, she received a scholarship from S.N.D.O in Amsterdam, and from there she continued on to Hollywood to study under Ivana Chbbuck , mentor to stars such as Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron and Halle Berry Thorne, and in addition, continued to advertise and represent large companies and brands such as “The Oppenheimer Diamond Museum”, “Always”, “Clal” the largest Israeli insurance company, the “Essence of Life” Foundation – one of the Arison Family’s foundations, and has even served as the Main spokesmodel for the Israeli cable television company Hot.

Over the years, Idit discovered additional qualifications, as a workshop and event facilitator and designer, she developed the “Take a Breath” format for the business sector – a unique combination of a workshop and a musical performance, which up until now has been performed in front of  leading companies in the Israeli market: “Elbit”, “Macabbi”, IBI Investment House, The Manufacturer Association of Israel and more.
“Take a Breath” was chosen as the central performance for the female employees of the  Knesset (Israel’s parliament)  on Women’s Day 2013.

And What Else…?

Idit is a graduate of Nisan Nativ, Tel Aviv, a leading acting school in Israel, S.N.D.O, Amsterdam and Ivana Chbbuck, Hollywood, and in addition has acquired a great deal of knowledge in courses focused on selling skills, Non Verbal Communication and  the secrets of NLP.

In addition, she has gone through self development and empowerment processes  by partaking in Mind Body studies taught by the best teachers in Israel and abroad.

Simultaneously to the development of the “Redhead Technique”, Idit created the “Take a Breath” format for the business sector, a unique and innovative combination of a musical performance and a workshop, intended for every modern-age wonder woman.
On Women’s Day 2013, “Take A Breath” was chosen as the central performance for the female employees of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament.

Up until now, this project has been performed in front of audiences from central companies in the Israeli market such as “Elbit” , “IBI”, “Maccabi Health Services” and others. In march 2015, it was received very warmly by the women of Jewish communities in New Jersey and Long Island.

“When There Is No Way Out – There Is Always A Way In”