The Method

The Redhead Technique By Idit Neuderfer©

A unique cocktail based on Idit’s wealth of experience in facing audiences and getting the message across, “The Redhead Technique” combines techniques and tools from the world of sales and marketing with personality, passion, movement and some ‘sexy’ spices from the stage world.  The Redhead Technique is based on four  pillars code-named BE – VS for  Body, Eyes, Voice, Space, which put simply means “being different from…” the  in-depth  explanation is that this is the code name for the four most critical elements for creating the Wow Effect, B.E – V.S

“The main objective of my work process with clients is to teach them how to be relaxed, so that we can “sharpen the knife”, reveal the unique spokesperson who exists in each and every one of us, go out there and captivate clients, investors or any audience.”

Her clients include Citi Bank, The Central Bureau of Statistics of Israel, Clalit Health Services, Innovation Norway,, Mobileye, MCS Med, SBC .In addition, Idit personally coaches business people, real estate consultants, entrepreneurs, CEOs, marketing and sales people and lawyers, helping them to develop and enhance their business presentation abilities.

“The tools you give – are so important
In order to stand out from the crowd, tell your story in an attractive way that can create a clear relationship with the clients, investors .
No doubt you bring with you something very special and different. ‘The Red Head’ you have created, is itself some kind of a startup”

Assaf Glazer,CEO at nanit
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