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“Sharpening the Knife”

“Idit took my half-baked presentation & Poor stage presence & completely turned it around!
She did a great job teaching me all the things you need to know to be able to stand before an audience and be interesting and compelling.
Her unique style makes it easy to accept criticism and become better than you thought you could be”

Adam Kogan, FinTech Entrepreneur & Seed Investor

Tailor-Made Support and Consultation Program

The higher we climb on our career ladders, at one point or another, we all find ourselves having to stand in front of other people and speak, right?
Whether you are a salaried employee or self employed, senior management or a beginning lecturer, and of course as a business man or entrepreneur, the day when you will “have to” stand up in front of people and speak is growing increasingly closer.
For Most of Us, This Already Happens – On a Daily Basis:

  • A one on one meeting with a client or investor – is a presentation
  • Having to hand down a message  from management to  a team of five, ten or thirty people – is a presentation
  • Meeting a new person – is a presentation.

Now imagine, whether by choice or whether   forced by circumstances, one fine day, you also find yourself in front of a big crowd of people,

your heart beating rapidly,

           you are perspiring in places you did not even know existed,

                         your hands shaking,

                                 and you start to stutter…

“What is happening to me?

There is no way I am not blowing them away here … I am top notch – this is not happening to me!”

And you forget everything you wanted to say, and you “dance” back and forth on the stage,
you have no idea what to do with your hands
and you ask yourself “How come five minutes feels like an hour?”
and who promised “Fame” here?

But wait! It doesn’t need to be this way!

After being in the industry for many years, I found out that there were still things to learn and ways to improve“Idit is attentive, patient, incredibly creative and knows how to direct each person to the correct place for them. Your tips and direction regarding how to use my abilities helped me reach new places.”

Talila Bosi - Tel Tzur, VP of Marketing, McMed

When we take part in the “Sharpening the Knife” personal program, we are faced with four shared objectives in order to “raise the bar”

  • Overcome the anxiety and  “initial shock”, which  come up when we stand in front of an audience
  • Reach a state in which when we present ourselves and our company or project,
    we are full of confidence and strength, like we know we can be
  • and that we know how to conduct a one on one meeting calmly and clearly, using our personal charisma

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The Art of Presentation

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“What Can be Found in the “Sharpening the Knife” Program that Cannot be Found Elsewhere?


Tailor-Made Consultation and Support:

A work plan according to your needs including:

  • Exposure to the secrets used by the biggest media stars In the world
  • Original techniques for coping with and overcoming stage fright
  • Practicing the rules for captivating and charismatic body language
  • Simulations of presentations in front of an audience, how to cope with the “initial shock”
  • Acquiring empowering tools for speaking effectively by the division of the text and the powerful and accurate use of our voice
  • Professional and controlled use of a video camera (the materials are kept in strict confidence)

Consultation and Support by Idit in Real Time:

  • During presentations/ speaking to an audience

Detailed Report of Conclusions Drawn from the Process Including:

  • Documentation of each meeting
  • Summarization of the process and the conclusions
  • Specific recommendations for improving your ability, making it more accurate and bringing it to a higher level

“A total of 180,000 NIS as a direct profit made from the work with Idit.
The best decision I made
17 transactions were finalized immediately, following my presentation, and an additional 11 were finalized in the month following it.
A total of 180,000 NIS as a direct profit made from the work with Idit.
Idit managed to rid me of stage fright, and gave me extraordinary guidance regarding how to stand on a stage, focus the message and be riveting and captivating.”

Boaz Famson, author of the book "Try Until You Succeed"

The Results:

  • You have a charismatic presence,
  • You are natural, relaxed, well spoken and powerful
  • And in addition, you have a tailor made, high quality box of tools at your disposal