©“The Red Head Show”

“I honestly thought that it was amazing! 
Idit, is great in capturing the audience, has a great sense of humor and knows her stuff.A lot of great points & unbelievable vibe”

Denis Sklyarov, CEO at WiFi Map

What Exactly is “The Lecture to Empower Your  Business  Presence”?

  • A riveting, funny colorful lecture, full of juicy stories and live examples.
  • A refreshing lecture,  revealing innovative techniques for empowering your business presence.
  • A lecture combining secrets from the acting world with practical tools from the world of sales and marketing.

Get ready for sixty minutes that to by to quickly…

“If its all about the SHOW – So you better be a Pro”

With  charismatic lecturer and well known actress from beloved, prime-time Israeli television series, Idit Neuderfer, the founder of ©“The Red Head Technique”

“When Idit first came on stage, I Immediately knew I made the right choice.
Highly energetic, captivating the audience with her ‘Red Head Technique’, Idit is a true master”

Lior Vaknin, Israeli Startups NYC

This Lecture Will Rock You if You Are:

  • On automatic pilot  and need “a dash of moxie” to rock you
  • Interested in enriching your old ways of getting the message across
  • Looking for tools which will lead you to higher percentages of success

What Do You Get in This Lecture?

  • Practical tools to upgrade you presentation and self-presentation skills, according to the refreshing Redhead Technique
  • A window into the five necessary traits for  captivating whoever you are facing
  • The rules which will help you    get your message across in an accurate, flowing manner which produces results
  • Tips regarding how to stay focused, calm and relaxed in stressful moments
  • Techniques for building your self-confidence before every meeting

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