Talk to the redhead – and then you will really be talking  to the world

It makes no difference what is holding you back from conquering the business or personal stage, or from getting ahead in your career Now is the time to kick all these inhibitions away, even if you do so gently. Tell the redhead you would like to meet her, and let her show you the way from there The first step begins on the following form.

Would you like Idit to get the "truth" out of you?


Fill out the details and
expect a red phone call

I agree to get tips and interesting information.

In case you would really rather talk than write,
and if the clock is still awake – dial:



“Idit took the challenge and did the unbelievable,
immediately identifying in each one the individual points for improvement. She went a step further and provided each one with invaluable tips and tools for further improvements. It was a very entertaining evening with a special person”

Shuli Cohen Shwartz Technical (postdoc) CEOs at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute in NYC