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You want to succeed? You have no alternative! You need to present yourself effectively and tell your business story in a riveting way.

With the Red Head Technique  you will get the tools to stand out. Whether you’re in front of clients, partners or your team, you need to sharpen your tools to unforgettably impress, then you win the deal.

Now the questions are:

Do you want to dictate how people perceive you ?

Are you ready to kill the fear that holds you back ?

And do you have the courage to take this step forward?

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Take Your Employees Into The Limelight

It is your managers who are the ones bringing the Gospel from above to your staff.

It is your employees who are the face of the products you want your clients to fall inlove with,

It is your representatives who have to convince your business partners that you are the one they want to invest in

The Red Head Technique’s tools will turn on the light you want your representatives to shine on your products, increasing their charisma and guaranteeing the “Wow Effect” for every presentation.

Effective Presentation Workshop

Turn your employees into irresistible presenters.
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What do we produce?

What do we produce?

Sharpening the Knife




Kick starting Entrepreneurs




Team Leaders


Marketing team Boost up



Idit “The Redhead” Neuderfer

A consultant for energizing business’ presence

Starring in theaters and famous television series was not enough for Idit.

Driven by passion, she investigated the sales and marketing arena and mixed it  with her knowledge of body and awareness to concoct  a revolutionary cocktail which that adds the wow effect to every presentation, speech or lecture.

To implement the “Red Head Technique” she created, Idit gives lectures and holds  .group and private workshops

“If it’s all about the SHOW – You’d better be a PRO”

In 2014 Idit was chosen as Mentor of the Year in the art of presentation by  Start-Up Boot Camp which has branches in Berlin, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv.

Whether from leading HMOs to the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament) and Citi Bank or from Hi-Tech companies to hotels and international Accelerators, the technique spreads like wildfire through lectures, workshops and of course of exclusive, personal programs.

In 2015 Idit took the Redhead Technique lectures on tour in  the United States where she brought her technique to American and Russian business people, entrepreneurs and attorneys.

Can Anyone Become Captivating?
The short answer is “Yes”. Yet, as for every good thing in life, you’ll probably have to work
for it, and you’ll need the right mentor. If you still haven’t yet met the real Redhead, the person capable of giving you the tools you need to shine out of obscurity,– it is high time
you did.

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Will the Redhead Get Rid of my Stage Fright?
No, she won’t. She will teach you how to harness it, work with it and turn it into an asset,
how to use it to become a master in giving presentations. Efficiently, methodically and painlessly.

Just ask her how
How Does it Work for Businesses and Organizations?
Through an efficient mix of teaching, practice and directing, employees and executives will
learn how to captivate clients and motivate teams. A short and effective way to turn your
existing staff into confident and skilled representatives. The shortest way to maximize your
return on your human capital.

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What do those whom we’ve placed center stage say?


“A phenomenal coach and sales trainer”


Elizabeth Macdonald, Virtualization & Infrastructure Software Sales at Dell Software

“passionate, driven, leader”


Shahar Namer,CEO, SBC

“Definitely not the usual run-of-the-mill lectures on presentations….AWESOME!”


Merav Ozair,Quantitative Financial Instruments Strategist

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Take A Breath…

A show for women only, chosen as the main event for female Knesset members in 2013), in which Idit
reveals to women in the organization powerful tools and a
relaxed, yet much more efficient, manner through humor, live
music and charismatic guidance.

So, do you want to Take A Breath?

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How to Give a Presentation

So the moment of truth has arrived – and we “MUST” speak
before an audience. We have NO choice!
The boss has given the order from above, or maybe an
important company conference is coming up, or else we’ve
finally come to realize it’s the only way to advance our career…
Ok – wonderful!
Now what?

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